In the heart of the charming Thierseetales, not far from the border
with Bayrischzell, there lies our steeped in tradition
one Inn "white Rössl in the lake".

Already for two generations family Sieberer
devotes itself with big joy to the welfare of her guests.
Many of them are habitués who estimate our house for many years.
A short stay entices with certainty into the return
in friedvolle, untouched nature.
With us the cosiness stands in all rooms at the uppermost place.

Our guests are not often the first time and with certainty
not the last time in our house.
Every guest becomes from us on the heartiest
and with friendliness serves.

We welcome our guests with a welcome drink
and provide
for restful and lighthearted holidays.

Weisses Rössl am See * Vorderthiersee 72 * A-6335 Thiersee i. Tirol * Tel. +43 (0) 5376 5204 * Fax +43 (0) 5376 5134 *